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Under certain circumstances, your entry into the U.S.A. can be denied. We can help find viable solutions to obtain a visa, both here, as well as through your local consulate or embassy.

Family Immigration

Family Immigration can be complicated, time consuming, and costly, but we have ample experience in helping our clients reunite with family and loved ones abroad.

Work and Investor Visas

Coming to the U.S.A. to work? Are you interested in starting up your own business? We assist both employers and employees in order to meet the government requirements before multiple agencies, all while making the process as simple, streamlined and easy to understand from beginning to end.

Deportation Defense

Focused on a balance of negotiations and litigation, we provide assistance and representation during removal and deportation proceedings.

From the blog

Our blog focuses on the cutting edge of Immigration Law reform balanced with useful information accessible to everyone.

Immigration law is a complicated matter. Staying up to date with an ever changing and dynamic area of the law is an essential part of our practice.

Can I travel outside the USA while waiting for Asylum?

Can I travel outside the USA while waiting for Asylum?

Question of the Day: I’ve applied for asylum in the United States. Can I travel while my application is determined? Answer: While you await your request for asylum, you can travel, but only if you obtain permission before traveling outside the U.S.A. You will need to obtain “Advance Parole” by filing Form I-131 before leaving the… read more →

How long does it take to process my Visa?

How long does it take to process my Visa?

Question of the Day: A member of my family (mother, father, spouse or sibling) US Citizen or Permanent Resident applied for my visa. How long does it take to approve it? Answer: Processing times depend on several factors, such as if the petition was made by a citizen or permanent resident, and the type of… read more →

Best Visa for Marriage

Best Visa for Marriage

Question of the Day: I am a U.S. Citizen, and I want to marry a Colombian woman. What is the best way to get a visa for her? Answer: If she is still in Colombia, she can enter the United States with a Fiancée Visa (K-1), and then you can both marry. After the wedding,… read more →

Minimum Age to Sponsor a Green Card

Minimum Age to Sponsor a Green Card

QUESTION OF THE DAY: My daughter is 18 years old and she’s a citizen.  Can she sponsor my Green Card? ANSWER: No. The minimum age for a Family Based Visa Petition (Form I-130) is 21 years of age.  For quick and easy answers, send us an email to: chris@usamigra.com or call us: 303.993.1973. read more →

Immigration Law Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence

Immigration Law Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence

A US citizen guy meets an foreign girl through the Internet.  They meet in person and he travels to her country to see her. They fall in love. They make wedding plans, and she travels to the United States with a Fiancée Visa (K-1). They have a beautiful wedding, and as time goes by, they have two… read more →

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"Attorney Frank-Fas took my divorce case in 2011. He was very attentive and responsible. I have no doubts that it will not be the exception in his new facet with immigration cases. He is an excellent professional and human being. He is my personal lawyer. Thank you for your service!"

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